” this dear ones is a message from the inner and outer world, the inside of your planet and the realms around and above you, as we, angels, unicorns and dragons are dwelling in all those realms coming forth to speak with you about your own ability and courage to open up. to allow. so as you go inside your heart and take this key to open further doors to go deeper and deeper you consciously allow yourself to move into trust, mystery and the unknown. so choose and step forward inside and sit a moment to enjoy the beauty, the emerald golden frequencies of your cave of healing, of love. this realm is the door to the inner and outer worlds which might be yet invisible for you but will become clearer and clearer. you are safe in your heart. the cave of healing and expansion brings you into the knowing that you are loved, loved -so much loved.and as you sit and practice silence, listening to yourself, to the inner and outer realms, to all that is, your heart acts like the bridge, the path to the unknown and still known, to the forgotten and re-membered ways of loving and being. so re-member to the joy and love which is the fluid running through the biochemical version you embody and go deeper into your cells and atoms and see the sparkling light of source. love and light radiates out of each smallest particle of yours, as sign of spirit living in you, as you decide trustfully to allow the unknown and still known rush through you, a mystery which is wanting to unfold through you. we are pushing you further dear ones, expand, transform, heal, realise that you are naturally held in prayer, as your ancestors prayed for you, you pray-ed for them and remember now that all is a prayer, a becoming aware of the strength which is you, your cells, your DNA and akash. ohh what a joy, what a beauty, what a prayer of light. always interlinked, always held and connected expressing our deepest love and gratitude for each one of you. namaste “

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  1. Vicki Krieger Avatar
    Vicki Krieger

    This is so beautiful InaRa! You are an inspiration of love and unity! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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