february vibe

dear angel of light

you are entering a phase of lightness, brightness and celebration, where beauty and harmony is remembered.

through the cells of your being you get used to the higher energies of your earth plane, moving into enjoyment of being. the tingling of your enjoyment feels like if you have reached heaven on earth.

this is a period in which you as humans living on terra – perceiving through your conscious way your NOW ness – can rest, celebrate and get used to this newness inside and around you. it is a phase of relaxation in between the waves.

so enjoy, sweet beings, by celebrating.

heart celebration in which you honour what is, reminding yourself of the value, the beauty and richness for what you hold in your lifes already.

do not long for more, just be filled with celebration of light and love, awareness of the beauty, harmony and peace within and without all that is.

we love you


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