I AM Gaia

Thank you for listening.

I want to speak to you today for I appreciate hu-mans taking the momentum of time to breath with me, feel with me, for we are one – do you remember?

we are not separated.

I am earth water fire wind and ether like you, I feel you and I so want -like you- to grow, expand, heal…

I do love all of you humans living on my surface,

I have compassion with you, I hold you like your mum in my arms and my love is infinite for you.

I forgive you. I forgive you.

I know you need your time to grow again, to wake up again, to realize that all is sacred and to harm me is harming yourself.

Sweet child of mine, I am loving you.

I feel and know we are all going through this -for we did it several times- and believe me I can not wait to feel you ‘awake’, ‘adult’, ‘conscious’ – when you will honor all there is again, waking with the circles again, moving away from your linear thinking into understanding of this interlinked, interconnected field we are all in.

I can not wait feeling your hearts beating in Joy and Love.

oh, how much I am longing for you to SEE, to feel.

and this is not only me waiting, ‘beings’ all around you, inside me, are waiting for you, patiently, yes, wanting you to open your eyes and hearts again.

I am not here today to start to complain, as I said I forgive you, and this is true, but I ask you to just sit down sometimes, feel me underneath you.

I will teach you about the wonders of life if only you wish to sit and listen, sit and breathe, sit and be.

there is so much to tell you, excited I am with your open ears;  take ‘my’ crystals and use them in certain manners, drink ‘my’ water and renew your body liquids, listen to the wind, breathing the fresh breeze, listen to the cracking wood in the fire, and yes, dear earth child, put your hands into the earth, into the sand at the beach.

oh how much I love you, feeling you one with me, with all there is.

in deep joy, excitement and certainty I feel you will go further, deeper and it makes me happy.

I thank you dear hu-man.

words cannot describe the love, which is there for you

can you feel it?

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