InaRa is a multidimensional healer and channel. she receives intuitively what needs to be said or done to provoke change, healing, understanding and growth.

this name and frequency was given to her so that she may again embody the vibration of Lemuria, where she taught and took care of her sisters and brothers as a healer and teacher.

she belongs to the Ra family – the family of oneness

she is a frequency keeper, a carrier of the light, an awakener, a galactic being who came to be of service for life, this planet and her inhabitants.

her way led her through a long path of seeking the truth, the forgotten wisdom, many years of studying with plant medicine, of meditation, contemplation and the understanding and knowing that we are all one, one family on this beautiful planet and beyond, spiraling in this galaxy around the central sun

her time has come to share and heal again, to teach again in her meditation circles, to open portals and unite with other light workers to manifest and anchor love into gaia.

currently she lives with her partner and son on the crystalline island of ibiza, spain.

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