a love message

sweet soft beloved beings of light, Mother Mary is speaking, a message of honour, of deepest love to each one of you, touching your cells, atoms, your innermost. you are at the verge, you climbed up the mountain, dearest being of love, to be up there now, close to the stars, looking behind: well done, looking in front: excited. in the NOW: held in an uninterrupted prayer of love, expanding, melting in joy. realising that the pain you went through is gone, understood, forgiven. you do overlook it, with your birds eye view on this mountain top, your expanded vision, your cleared heart, you get it: your love is unbreakable, it is the love for creation, for yourself and all that is -always love- in so many different ways, on so many levels, giving, receiving -always love- only one word and full of meaning, abundant in ways to express it. and yes dearest beings of love ,you made it, a new chapter is starting here. expressing such a tremendous love and gratitude for your way to experience love, for your way to heal, for your way holding one another, for your personal way to expand into your NEWness.

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