InaRa ZaiRa

multidimensional healer and channel


the time is now to send energies, vibrations and codes contained within words out into the world, so you can read them and be filled by the love and compassion of the benevolent star beings, angels and ascended masters InaRa is a vessel for.

words and sounds are encoded with vibrations, messages for you to receive. these words carry an energetic imprint, and when you read or hear them with an open heart, embodying their wisdom, their frequencies will shift your vibrational state.

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inaRa is an inter – dimensional healer. she is guided to continue this path as lemurian priestess, as high priest in the land of khem… she knows intuitively what needs to be done to transform a human or a situation and to initiate you into a higher purpose, to open the doors for acceleration, soul growth and profound, multidimensional healing.

inaRa works with in the endless field, with source light, different star beings, guides, angels and ascended masters throughout dimensions, parallel realities and time-lines. these guides are, depending on the situation, stepping forward, enabling her to see and feel blockages, miasms and clouds which are a hindrance to a life of balance and harmony.

through these healing techniques pain, old (karmic) wounds, emotions, stuck energies, and thought forms are able to be released. through the realignment of one’s chakra system (the opening and strengthening of one’s energetic wheels inside and outside of the body), it is possible to heal everything.

while using light language, tones and words, she channels insights into subjects such as current, past and parallel lives – providing you with the vibrational information needed to help you further understand your situation, to heal and to transform.

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meditation is a powerful tool which enables awareness of higher dimensions. it also allows one to quieten normal thoughts and to increase one’s vibrational frequency. meditation can take many forms – from silencing the mind to concentrating one’s awareness on a single subject. meditation can be a time of concentrated thought. this focus brings forth alignment, healing and manifestation in it’s purest and divine form.

InaRa is guided to give meditation circles, in which pranayama techniques and channeled messages assist in raising the vibration of those present. in high vibration healing takes place, namely when a sudden release happens. during this kind of breath work the masters of pranayama are guiding and over-lightening the circles.

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