when you are ready to let go and transform

you have set your intention on positive growth:

you realise that you want to change, let go of certain thinking patterns, you want to be free of pain, you want to live a life full of joy, you want to be in balance…

if you have made this decision you are already a big step further.

InaRa is able to see and perceive blockages and miasms in your chakric and auric system which may lead to dis-ease.

through the connection to her arcturian guides and the inner knowledge of past lifetimes as a priestess of lemuria she is able to detect and delete obsolete self sabotaging thought forms. new codes and insights realign and heal you through cultivating a deep understanding of that which was not serving you.

inaRa is able to perceive past life sequences and that which is necessary to realign and to remove so you are able to live freely and in joy.

as a channel she will mediate between your personal self and your higher self, your guides, angels and ‘helper team’, so you can ask questions and be healed and transformed.

the star beings may work directly with the client, in which case inaRa will translate and describe their actions.

she often uses tones, vibrations, light language and spoken word (in which light codes are used) to transform and shift your being.

following her awakened internal initiation, inaRa uses diamond light technology to promote higher self alignment.

one on one sessions can be done in person or online, for inquiries just fill in the form


‘dear sister, since i met you so much transformation happened, so much pureness and clarity is flowing into me, it feels like a deep remembrance. i am so much more self aware, aware of the love around me, confident. you gave me such a push, my relation to my spiritual family is growing and thanks to your sessions i am able to see through my third eye. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work, the trust you transmit through you, it is so much more, that i can’t find words. i am so looking forward to a bright future.’ sarah

“beautiful, thank you so so so so much for an incredible healing, i am really blown away and it helped me feeling more combobulated and recharged. i feel so grateful to you. thank you so much and so much love to you.”  k.a.

‘i am so grateful for you, the tribe and the work. i can’t express how thankful i am for the time i spent here and that i met you beautiful souls along the way. thank you so much for the teachings!!!’ kate

‘thank you dear inara, after the healing session yesterday i felt relieved and as if a weight was taken from my shoulders, i can not really describe the full effect of this profound experience, i slept very deep and felt it working over night, i woke up super motivated and full of energy. thank you very much, it had been a great experience.’ lara

increasing stability, harmony and connection

‘your healing helped me to reconnect with who i am, to find more stability in my life and to meditate for myself more often. i feel in harmony and stopped doubting myself, thank you.’ max

opened my heart chakra

‘i feel my heart chakra opened and my back pain is gone, also my shoulder works fine again. so many thanks. big hug’ anna

a wonderful valuable experience

‘thank you very much, dear inara, your healing was a wonderful valuable experience for me, it released what i needed to let go of and it brought me back on my path and i could feel the power. now i want to stay connected with my open heart’. alais

“Vielen Dank von Herzen liebe Inara für deine Arbeit; die mich an einem Punkt erreicht, den ich auf vielen Wegen so nicht erreicht habe. In kurzer Zeit öffnen sich Türen und Neues wird sichtbar und möglich, durch deine coole, unprätentiöse, einzigartige Begleitung“ I.K.

new start

‘i needed this healing so much, i feel completely new, fresh and healthy and i am ready for a new life. thank you for initiating this start, for helping me to forget and forgive.’ Petra S.

pain in hips gone

‘that was incredible: after half an hour the pain was gone’ luis

‘Liebe Inara

Das channeling mit dir war ein Geschenk.

Es hat mir geholfen eine Verbindung zu mir und zur geistigen Welt wieder zu fühlen

Es hat mich wieder daran erinnert…warum ich hier bin…

Ich bin mit der Session einen riesen Schritt vorwärts gekommen…den Boden wieder unter den Füßen zu spüren…vieles los zu lassen und einfach weiter in Bewegung zu bleiben.

Ich bin vielleicht noch nicht ganz angekommen aber die Atemübungen bringen mich immer wieder ein Stückchen näher.

Schritt für Schritt komme ich mehr und mehr aus mir heraus.

Dankeschön’ I.G.

new version of myself

‘thank you for showing me that change and healing is possible. your way to speak to me really touched my heart, and i understood on a different, deeper level. i am now able to elevate myself into a new version of myself. deepest love and gratitude to the councils of light and you.’ emelie

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