‘essence of breath’


to breathe is to live

the breath affirms one’s relationship with the world. when human beings (and mammals, birds and reptiles) are born and take their first breath (draw in oxygen) and with the last breath (releasing carbon dioxide) life withdraws from the body

the manner by which one breathes determines the length and quality of life

breathing is a natural path to the heart: the organ which serves for this is the lungs, which lie around the heart so that the air passing through them envelopes the heart

ascended masters, gurus, ancient holy ones knew about the science of breath and brought that wisdom through the centuries so that we may use these tools to return to our hearts, to realign and balance

‘the science of breath’ is a transformational breath workshop in which inaRa’s work is overlighted by her beloved babaji, master of pranayama.

this 1,5h workshop teaches you how to breathe consciously, how to raise your vibration and frequency and therefore to improve your immunity, expel miasms and blocked energy. you will strengthen your auric field and realign your chakric system using different technics that will help you to come back into balance and harmony. – it will be strongly life changing and enlightening.

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