dive into your inner knowing, your innate abilities and remember this life time’s mission!

4. – 7. OCTOBER 2021 IBIZA

in these 4 days we will awaken our capabilities, remembrance and wisdom.

~ we will activate or re-integrate our 13 strands of DNA and our full chakric system, our divine blueprint, to be able to shift into higher consciousness.

enlightenment is not only a word which sounds fantastic, but as well an act of remembrance; remembering who we are and what we came for.

through selected techniques we will enlighten our capabilities and individual gifts, what we carry inside of us, through life times, in our DNA, on a soul level… moving into our innate wisdom and talents to be of service for gaia and humanity.

~ we will learn how to create and manifest, bringing dreams into form.

this course, called in by the guides, enables us (=a small group of like-minded souls attracted to each other) to embody spiritual wisdom and integrate it into our daily lives by doing exactly what feels right, by choosing the job, action and word which is in the highest good of all. we will open into ascended ways of living and being, co-creating this new golden age.

through the help of the star council of light, our guides, angels and ascended master, through channelled messages, each participant will find out about his/her individual talents and gifts and will learn how to integrate them into a fulfilled life.

each session will enable us to look deeper inside, to understand and release blockages which are a hinderance to really step into our life purpose, to create and manifest.

therefore these 4 days will clarify your individual path and being into a fulfilled and satisfied well-being.

you will be attracted to this course:

if you are feeling that there is something new to embody yet unknown,

if you feel sometimes lonely ( because you will meet your brothers and sisters awakening with you) ,

if you feel you have gifts, such as healing, singing, writing….

if you don’t know what to do in your life…

if you know what you want to do but you are not yet able to go there/do it…

monday 4/10 – thursday 7/10 9.30am -1.30am 333,-

please fill in the form if you have questions or want to participate: