we are with you, greetings to you, reading this message, for you are sitting in this chamber of sparkling diamond light, you are holding these light vibrations, aware of the light you are emitting, clear and pure.

this is why you are called light worker, you ‘work’ with the light vibrations you are holding.

from this equinox on, in the new circle you are entering now, your work will be more visible, more important, with a greater impact.

you are not only holding the balance to what is falling apart –  you are as well one important piece of the puzzle to create the new into reality and manifestation.

none of you, light workers, star seeds and frequency keepers, are buying into the old way of thinking and acting, nor being.

your level of consciousness has been pushed to levels of high civilizations in which you were aware of the power of your being, your thoughts, feelings and deeds and therefore your creation.

you are on the level of a conscious creator again

and there is so many of you

calling the golden age into reality, through your pure and open, committed heart,

you honor your selves, your past selves and future selves, you stream love and harmony out of your being, clear and strong.

this light, this love, this consciousness is the core/root of your being, it is what guides you through your now and what transforms all that is less into a higher vibration.

you are so much needed right now, to establish these vibrations, bringing these feelings and remembrance onto your planet.

your personal version of the light you are holding is needed in this new circle, you are awakening to the indeed immeasurable importance you are playing by being.

the chamber of diamond light you are sitting in is a bubble you are able to recall any time, just become aware of it. it is the place where you may recharge and clear yourself.

the holiness of your own light, sovereignty and strength cannot be diminished when you commit to the path of truth.

nothing can hold you back, dear sparkles of light, light workers on Gaia, you were sent/you chose to come to hold that light, role model, light tower you are.

your time has come, reconnected to your family of light, to spread these golden wings in pure love, to clear, heal or support the ones in need.

we are in deepest gratitude for you.

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