throughout history the building of medicine wheels is not only a ritual or tradition but as well the honouring and reconnection to mother earth, to the sacred directions and the elements earth, wind, water, fire and ether.

as native indian tribes re-member to be in contact, to move into oneness through an installation of a medicine wheel, so do we – opening portals through which we are able to connect more directly with the divine above and below.

as we honour, in deep love and gratitude, each direction with it’s attributes we melt into and with the endless field of sacred geometry we are, holy interactions and our relationship with all that is.

the building of a medicine wheel is an act of love to mother earth and to oneself, to source and to all that is.

the love we send into our planet ultimately reflects back to ourselves. through sitting in or around these portals your ability to move into your sacred heart (which is the 7th galactic direction), into coherence with all that is, into silence is enhanced, as well as your understanding, conscious growth and elevation of your vibration.

your heart is celebrating life, re-membering ancient ways of valuing earth, her elements and source. re-connection to source plays an important role in healing and transforming oneself and the collective.

there are several ways of honouring gaia and building medicine wheels with which we honour the directions and the elements. it is up to you, your heart and your individual understanding, to discover how best to reconnect with source.

after initiating a medicine wheel in the algarve (portugal) inaRa was guided into a journey of activating 7 power points on the island of ibiza.

each medicine wheel is a connected dot in the net of light and love and each one is bringing more light and higher vibration onto the planet. you are asked to join in and to celebrate life through opening portals. if you hear the call please reach out.

march 2020 building and initiation of the medicine wheel on the highest mountain on ibiza (sa talaia)

12/12/20 building of the xaraca portal

11/ 1/ 21 expansion of the most northern portal in portinax

2/ 2/ 21 strengthening / reactivation of the ancient medicine wheel on the top of the cala llonga mountain

3/ 3/ 21 initiation of the medicine wheel in benirras mountain

4/ 4/ 21 building of the sananda portal next to san llorenc

5/ 5/ 21 building of a new medicine wheel in the exact middle of the island (close to s gertrudis)

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