and as you open your heart and expand as you widen and move out of your physical confines you align with all that is in the field of endless possibilities, as your biochemical version of you becomes soft and clear in it’s structure you are docking into the love grid and feel love and light rushing through each cell and atom of yours. you align with the flower of life as you allow yourself to float through your sacred breath into your heart. your heart is the heart of gaia and source and oneness takes place, a NOW moment which is always and never ending . you feel, know and experience spirit, the unlimited mind of god inside of you as you accept humbly the soft sweet all embracing love from all that is. humans come to experience and manifest the alignment of trees of life’s through, within and without them, humans come to embody light and love, to manifest through their sacred heart the divine love of gaia. human race you go through waves and circles evolving, expanding into lighter versions of yourself until you master the essence of love, of god, of connection with oneness. and as you learn and play in joy your hearts sing and jump you remember being kid, being loved and become the light towers which shines no matter what, serves.