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We want to remind you that you are a child of ours, a Christ child, a beautiful blossom like on your almond trees,

that you hold the light inside of you.

You become more and more yourself and leave doubts behind.

You are beautiful as you are.

Struggling times are over.

The past is dead.

Please remember and reassure that you are a happy child on earth, playing with their elements, learning and evolving without worrying.

You are here to play and enjoy, to love and laugh, to feel light and help others by healing yourself. this comes automatically.

please dear earth child, spend your life in joy. no matter what others think or do.


Sometimes it feels like an endless walk to where you want to be, it feels like the path is exhausting and the people around you with their weight and problems are affecting you so that it feels like you are loosing the way or not seeing the path. But all of this belongs to the path. All of this is the path. Entrainment.

It is about being grateful for the things you have already. to see them fully as gifts and appreciate the beauty they bring into your life.

the beautiful garden in the sunshine, the time to enjoy it, to be with the light on the plants, to read a book, to take time for yourself.

it gives you the possibility to go deeper into yourself by trying to be instead of trying to do.

Life gives the impression that time runs fast and we have to handle fast. No.

All there is is Now.


We help you to understand that you are going through many different levels and layers of consciousness, learning processes and integration processes.

We are here for you to tell you that you are already on your path. you are going it.

Be patient and kind to yourself, the more joyful you go your path the more fun it is.

By calming your mind and thoughts you are going lighter on your path. Emotional turmoil is inevitable, it is part of it.

You get reminded of different you’s, different portions of yourself, different aspects and lifetimes.

Do not get afraid of these feelings, only through them you will heal and put that puzzle piece by piece together.

Continue your daily practice and do it joyfully.

We are here for you, your family and friends.

We will remind you of the love you are, the love you are sending out.

You will heal and grow exactly as you need it.

We are waiting for you to get out of your head into your heart more and more.

You feel our love and you will in your future as well.


Love is the thread, which is spun by you in each step you take.

There is no right and wrong. There is only your choice and possibility after possibility. Trust in your choices, trust in you, dear earth child.

Each of you plays an important role in the upbringing of this new earth.

it is indeed a time of big changes even if you might not see them now through your eyes. it is a process of evolution. it is an inevitable change of planet earth and her evolution. not only planet earth but as well us are related with it. we are grateful for each one who thinks of mother earth, honors her, who thinks of his ancestors and honors them, who becomes aware of what they left behind, each one who recognizes nature, honors a tree.

we can see what you do or not do, we are you and we thank each one of you who looks at us nature, who watches us stars, moon and honors the sun. humans and beings from other realms and dimensions are celebrating with you the equinoxes and solstices. that shows the connectedness to the rhythms of the universe and the relation with all that is.

as we mentioned before there is no right or wrong. there is only a vast amount of possibilities and choices.

we are pleased that you are becoming more and more familiar with the other realms and different kind of energies.

don’t forget dear earth child, that humans want to go fast, like taking the bus to work, there is no such movement and quick evolvement in here, there is huge evolvement but visible and feel able in unspeakable realms. maybe you will find a way to express these movements in the future…

we enjoy being with you as you discover colors and body feelings like without gravity.

we love you dearly and are pleased you choose the path of service, there is no explanation of how deeply we are grateful.


yes we agree, it is of importance to think about future projects and we feel the joy of you thinking of it.

nevertheless you are HERE and NOW and this is your place and space of acting and living the power you have.

never underestimate the real power of it as it catapults you where you belong- into the space of joy and happiness.

this is what it’s about: the energy that flows through you and the other. be brave to exactly concentrate on love! all the other energies will align with it.

there is a lot what your eyes can’t see and there is a big part invisible for human eyes. like the seed you put into the earth: are they only starting if they become a little plant or are they starting to live before that?


you are going through a process of healing and transformation, this is what this time is all about, and if you ask us, this is just the beginning.

we try to teach all of you to let go of addictions and behaving patterns by showing them to you.

we want you to see them and realize that you don’t need them anymore.

many of you went through centuries of strong patriarchic times where your sweet soft vulnerable souls suffered a lot, this is how you protected your innermost by taking on behaviors that seemed to protect and help you in the first place but on a longer run are now stopping you from evolving freely.

you are free sweet soul, you are free to choose your brightest way.

you are the light of the sun, the noise of the wave and the breeze of the wind.

you are dearly loved dear earth child and we would love you to feel this ‘reason of life’. this importance you are here, this embodiment of life.

we would love you to sing as a bird without wondering what to sing, we would love you to be like this tree being just is.

Maybe some of you learn to step away from their talking minds to feel the beauty of being instead of the longing of becoming.

Nothing on this planet is for nothing and if you are learning to let go of things you did in the past it helps you to learn and see further you do now. We want you to see and allow to evolve dear human being.


do not be afraid and let go of all which feels heavy, let go of fear and burdens, let go of old memory. it feels like a fight itself, a fight of powers, of light and dark, all of this is old memory, you have been burned, punished, threatened, your lives has been many of warriors and again you are here to help human kind, foremost yourself to live this life in peace and harmony and love.

be at peace with yourself, stop punishing yourself, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. sooth you by thinking kind thoughts and treat yourself lovingly, there is no need to become guilty of whatsoever.

just be. in joy. in harmony with what is. we are proud of you going your path step by step. there is no ‘quicker’, but there is remain healthy meanwhile, take care of your body, of your vehicle you want to drive throughout these galaxies. for that you need to be light, happy and healthy in your body.

never forget all starts with yourself in your own thoughts. stop thinking of others and how they would react and think. each time you think of others you should hold on and reflect if this is not harming you.

it is like an implant this fear of others how they might think and react, it has been put long long time, a thinking pattern which you will give up now. let them all be. has nothing to do with you. let there be peace and stillness in your mind, go back to your breath, go back to life force and love.

may all this transform into beautiful times of trust and peace, this is what you are here for, to heal yourself and be the love you want to share and transmit. you are here to seed a new earth.

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