on this open portal day you are asked to be extremely careful with your thoughts

-become aware of each of your thought processes- and heal through this consciousness and expanding awareness:

thoughts, ideas, byproducts of your surroundings, your way of talking to yourself, to others, BECOME AWARE of the thought processes running like programs through you.

at which exact point are you aware of your thinking, the conversation inside of you, and are you able to just BE,

centered in your open, loving, receiving and giving heart?

can you forgive yourself, be nonjudgmental towards the way how you think, talk to yourself?

can you allow these thoughts to bubble up and fly by?

can you correct these ways of processing softly?

an honest look inward, reflecting oneself, accepting and honouring the pure being which you are.

coming into the newer, wider version of you, aspects unfolding out of the shadows,  enlightened now, fractions of yours, ever emerging, evolving circles of life, unfolding, blossoming into divinity, light.

use this portal day to pray, honour, melt into the sacredness of all that is.

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