beloved, today we want to talk about this what you call distraction or coming off from your “original path”. all of what humanity is going through is a result of choices, of experiments, of an evolutionary process which indeed was chosen to bring forth expansion and growth. some of you might think ‘what kind of growth is that if you allow yourself to be a slave to the system, a sheep following blindly what you are told.’ all of these experiences are needed on a collective and an individual scale, to be made and seen. the consciousness leap you are going through involves these purges, these realisations and awakenings to ultimately come back into your original footprint, path. this had been spoken about and prophesized hundreds and thousands of years, and you, each one of you, chose to come back this time to use your accumulated wisdom in coherence with your hearts. a balance is re-established, as a process out of a mind controlled humanity. not only that your minds are overtaking your hearts, but your brains got washed with words, into stories, belief systems, which are now dissolving into nothingness. choose now this heartbeat, this forgiving, compassionate, all encompassing, expanding love rather than dwelling in distraction, reflecting about what had been distorted, displaced or misused. again you choose: focus your energy on what you want to experience more of. it is as simple as that. and so it is. namaste

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