channeling and connection course part two

28th february – 4rd march 2022

after part one, which was an absolute joy and success, i am guided to hold space for a second part: this intensive 5 day course is all about: -how to reach into connection? -how to come into oneness? -how to trust and discern your guidance? -how to open and deepen your extrasensory abilities, your connection to source, to all that is, to yourself? and -how to remain in it?

you will be guided to raise your vibration and prepare in a safe way, led step by step, to move into your higher self and connect directly with your personal assistance team. you will meet guides, angels, ascended masters, get to know the feeling of being one, being held in this field of connection and oneness. you will learn concrete techniques to hear, feel, perceive and/or see messages from your guides, angels, ascended masters in higher dimensions and different realms.

we are asked to transcend into our higher, crystalline version, back into sovereignty. we are asked to build tribes, to be in joy and laughter; 2022 is the year to exactly do that! this year these intense days will be overlighted by the Lemurian Sisterhood and the immortal master Babaji. in the group coming together you might find a new old friend or reconnect to forgotten ways of being and loving, come with the joy of living a life full of wonders.

we will work with ancient sacred tools to reach into the field of all possibilities. your answers will be given, so find your personal questions! this course includes big shifts in your perception, your way of understanding existence. it includes healing on any level corresponding with blockages hindering you to be a channel, be ready for these changes. if you already did a course in channeling or know about your ability to be a vessel for the divine, this course will enable you to open further, looking deeper, understanding more. the quantum field is infinite and you are encouraged to step further, move into an intimate relation with your soul and all multidimensional aspects of yours.

this course is truly life changing: to open your birth given channel is a gift for yourself: you will realise that you are attracting into your life exactly what you are wishing for and dreaming of.

5 days: monday – thursday 10am – 1pm 288,- euro

these 5 days will assist you in trusting and opening more to your own guidance.

it will help you enormously in your personal and spiritual growth.

what is channeling and how can it be used? channeling is a birth given ability.

through channeling you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is and ever will be known. it is a doorway to abundant love, to source… channeling helps people finding their higher direction, their abilities and talents, it enhances your gifts and propels you into what you truly are. you can use it in all areas of life.

in these 5 days you will be guided in how to achieve and hold an energetic vibration that makes it suitable for guidance to come through. 

you will learn to centre yourself in a way that you are able to open up your own channel to perceive what is given. you will access inter-dimensional realms to connect to your higher self or with high-level guides.

your guide is a friend who is always there to love, encourage and support you, to make you more powerful, independent and confident…

InaRa will bring forth the guidance necessary for each participant to grow and open in order to achieve the ability to be a vessel for divine guidance.

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