ceremony in montserrat (close to barcelona) 21/6/22


beloveds, you are dearly invited to gather,

spend some conscious moments in celebration, in joy, in lightness at the mountain of montserrat which will open it’s doors for you, a light portal is about to be enhanced, strengthened through your presence and prayer, ceremony and laughter, through your sound, eternal, celestial sound.

understand this invitation like a birthday celebration: when you light up your candles and happiness flows through you…

as center of catalunia this mountain holds crystal clear vibrations, merging with you as present for your presence.

a clear invocation, prayer, intention is what you bring, celebrating the summer solstice 2022 in your area of this earth plane.

full of joy and laughter is the new, clearing distorted, misaligned perceptions and energy fields.

for you are here to bring fruits, to bring your light, your being, your flowers or crystals, energy is swirling, widening and opening further this energetic vortex around your mediterranean sea, transmuting and shifting while consciousness takes place.

if you want to be part of it and get further information please contact InaRa directly: 0034 603180641

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