….a news feed feels like feeding you, the reader, with news, i guess that’s what it’s about: to keep the stream of information running. maybe you take the time to read it? i have to admit, i had (have, but about to change it) my issues with computers and technical things, i always felt it like a waste of time. also i hate to put myself out there, writing something about myself.

but luckily there is the guides, the conscious field of all that is, my guiding force, my golden thread…pushing me further…. i am sooo for ever grateful for that communication and connection.

since last year -when i was called 3 times to go to egypt- portions of my self bubbled up which i wasn’t aware of; i was shown sequences of lifetimes in which egypt was my beloved home. the same i experienced with portugal, peru and india… accumulated wisdom, deep knowing that i am here to remember and spread, i can not longer repress within me.

after 2, 5 years of weekly guided meditations (which transmuted into healing ceremonies) in my home portal and an ongoing path of growth, the initiation of many medicine wheels… after the last group adventure ( first time i led a group through egypt), i knew and felt something is changing and shifting here:

we are about to merge with one another, to remember our oneness on levels we’ve had completely forgotten. humanity in mass might not be ready yet, but many of us, light workers, way showers, awakened souls, are here to exactly do that: come back into tribe. the experience of being in tribe and working together pinched me open, shucked me into a feeling of YES, let’s do that together,

let us re-member.

the presence of source, guides angels, ascended masters… and my remembrance of being ONE with all that is, urges me to continue knowing and believing that this understanding will come back to humanity on a wider scale. we are about to skip and shift and open up the box of pandora, the beautiful gift of Awakening to our true Self.

this is why i am guided to open the space for a workshop 3.- 6.10.2022: https://inarazaira.com/workshops/awakening-your-blueprint/

part of being TRUE is the remembrance that we are nature, that we are related, that all is intertwined, and the love to spirit within all that is catapults us into humility and belonging.

i’ve met sisters and brothers along the path and each time we connect, through our heart, we know: we are one. we are love. we are here to enlighten our sisters and brothers as we take one another by our hand and walk along: i open my heart towards you, towards your abilities, your vibration and your way of loving and i ask you to go together, as family. i open my heart for the truest version of you, as i am sharing my truest version with you.

so i ask you now: how can we combine our strength, or tools and wisdom, how can we serve humanity, how can we build a better future for the generations to come. i ask you: what is your portion to give, your smile, your piece of the puzzle looking like?

let’s unite and walk together on the path of our ancestors, as we prepared this path to come back now:


autumn/winter 22/23

please send a message, 👇 a feed back 👇, to share what is your call, what is your piece of the endless puzzle we are creating? so much love ❤️ inara

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